What to Expect from Copier Service Agreements

The copier service agreements are called by many names such as copier lease agreement and copier maintenance agreement. This document is a contract between the copy service provider and the customer, outlining all the terms and conditions that pertain to the copier service. Here the responsibilities of both parties are set and established legally. This helps ensure that the copier machine is well-maintained and serviced as needed. The following are some of the most common elements that may be integrated into a copier service agreement.

Scope of services offered

This is the section that details the specific services provided by the copier service like repairs, maintenance, and supplies. The agreement may also include all limitations and exclusions to the services offered by the copier service provider.


The agreement must identify all the parties that are involved in the agreement such as the copier service and the customer.

Maintenance service schedule

The agreement has to indicate the frequency and time of regular maintenance visits and also the response time for different types of repairs. This has to outline as well the process by which the customer can request service along with any possible requirements for reporting equipment concerns.

Description of the machine

It is a must for the agreement to identify in detail the equipment covered. The information stated must include model, make, serial numbers, and others. This will make sure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the equipment to be serviced.

Duration and agreement termination

The service agreement must state the duration of the contract, whether this is fixed or ongoing. Moreover, this must also outline the conditions by which any party may terminate the agreement such as breach of agreement and non-payment.

Warranty and customer liability

The agreement may also include warranty coverage for the copier machine together with the liability and limitations of the copier service provider. The customer’s responsibilities must also be specified in the agreement. This entails protecting and maintaining the copier machine.

Service charges to settle

The copier agreement must also include the charges specified for several services provided. This could be a flat rate paid every month or a per-page cost or per-copier use. Even the additional charges for excessive wear and tear and replacement parts have to be specified.

Resolving disputes

The agreement may state the process to follow in resolving disputes like through negotiation or mediation. The document must also specify the law or jurisdiction applicable to the agreement.

Lastly, make sure you read the whole document carefully and understand all the terms and conditions stated there.