How To Know If Your Copier Needs An Upgrade?

In this high-tech world, don’t let your copier get left behind. The features of the latest copier make it multifunctional and capable of doing more tasks than ever before. The staff might be experiencing copier problems and repairs need to be done more often. To keep using an old copier could add to expenses as those consume more electricity, are not multi-functional, and require frequent repairs.

How would you know if it is time to upgrade a copier?

  • Reprinting. If the output looks faded, blurry, and have unwanted marks, these might have to be reprinted again, there is a need to upgrade the copier. A new one won’t have these issues. Newer copiers are capable of producing clear copies. The final output of a new copier is that of high quality.
  • Refills. If the paper tray has to be loaded often, it is a waste of time and energy. New copiers do have large paper trays. These trays can hold at least double the amount of paper than older models, cutting down the need to keep on refilling these.
  • Push buttons. If the copier controls are large push buttons with icons, it is outdated. Nowadays, control panels are touchscreen. The control panel may also be accessed from a computer as the copier can be networked. The key in commands has also been simplified, making use of copier user-friendly features.
  • Waiting time. If people have to line up to use the copier, it is surely time to upgrade as the printing speed is too slow. Another reason why there is a need to upgrade is because a new one may be integrated into the office network. When this is in place, an employee can operate the copier from their computer, only going to the copier to retrieve the output.
  • Fax and printing machines. If there are still a number of fax and printing machines in the office, it’s time to upgrade the copier. Multi-functional copiers can fax and print from a networked computer. Upgrading would also make it possible to use features like scan to email.
  • No ports. If a copier has no USB ports, it is outdated. If it cannot store images, also, you might prefer to have a copier with a hard drive. The latest ones have ports, storage capacities, and wireless connection options.

The latest copiers have features that make it an all-in-one machine. These features include scanning, printing, copying, faxing, and emailing. The copying speed of commercial copiers can be more than 100 copies per minute and the output is clearer. Some of the latest copiers can print out in high-resolution and may be used for image editing. These may have document finishing capacity, such as stapling, folding, and hole punching. The new ones require less maintenance, digital, and save on energy.

We all want our business to boom. Using the latest office machines means progress. New copiers are more efficient and can tackle more tasks than older ones. To buy a new copier might be out of the budget right now yet it is possible to lease one. This means that the amount shelled out will be much smaller. If you are planning to upgrade your copier, find out more about the latest models from Copier leasing Oklahoma City..