The Evolution of a Fax Machine

Today, fax machines are very common pieces you see in every office or business establishment all throughout the world. With the fast paced technology, fax machines have evolved too, they are more efficient than the ones developed many years ago. To learn more about the development of the fax machine and its origin, the information below will be very informative. Also, this post will provide information on the evolution of fax machine and how it managed to become a staple piece in every office or business.

First, the father of fax machine is Alexander Bain, he is a mechanic and an inventor from Scotland. He spent his days working on various products and in finding ways for their improvement. In 1843, one of his major accomplishments was when he got a British patent from regulating currents, one of his works. This patent includes the improvement of watches, signal telegraphs and electric printing. When these different tasks are put together, this technology is all about sending faxes during his time. Also, Bain took the latest invented telegraph machine, changed it and developed it into a fax machine.

After Bain invented the first fax machine, there were many improvements made after by other inventors. In 18 50, F.C. Blakewell, a London man earned a patent for his work on copying telegraph. A decade after, the fax machine, popularly known by that time as Pantelegraph was the first one to successfully transmit the first fax from Paris to Lyon. In 1895, the version called, Telegraph in Minnesota was invented by Ernest Hummel.

Through the years, there were many developments made from the first fax machine in 1843. In 1914, fax machines started to become an integral part of communication. This year, the fax machine was used to deliver essential news reporting, it helped in the dissemination of information and facts. In the year 1924, AT&T came up with a fax machine that was able to send political photos to long distance places. In 1926, a more developed fax machine was developed by RCA called the Radiophoto. This time, it can send faxes through a radio broadcasting technology. In 1945, a modern fax machine was developed by Alexander Muirhead and in 1955, this technology was used by people to transmit messages and communication successfully across the world.

The development of the fax machine is never ending; inventors and scientists are constantly looking for ways to develop, upgrade, update the old versions with a new and better unit. This is beneficial because through this, communication has become easier and faster when compared in the last decades. Also, fax machine has become one of the most essential office tools in a business. It can transmit communication and documents needed at the other end of the line.

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