How Multi-Functional Color Laser Copier Can Benefit Your Business?

Business owners who are used to leasing black & white copiers should explore the option of leasing a color or black & white copier with multi-function features for scanning, copying, and printing. You may think that doing so would cost more capital, but on the contrary, multi-function color copiers are now made more affordable and the additional cost would be around $50 more than the standard black & white copier that majority of the business owner’s lease.

Save more dollars with a multi-function color copier.

If you do a fair amount of color output and you are still using an inkjet printer or a laser printer, you will definitely save more money if you do these on a multi-function copier that is designed to copy, print, and scan. If you have an average output of 500 color prints in a month, it will make perfect sense to switch to using a multi -functional color laser copier instead.

Using an inkjet or a small laser printer is more expensive with each print costing nearly $0.35 per color print. You may think that since it costs more, then it must look way better? Actually, no, the quality of color prints made from a multi-function copier has higher quality and clarity compared to the colored printers aside from the fact that it costs less, running between $0.07 to $0.10 per print. You get better quality prints at a lower cost if you decide to make this switch.

Moreover, a multi-function copier would have more memory, enabling you to spool your print jobs quickly and in return, this will save you and your business more time and money. In many cases, it makes more sense to replace a black and white copier with the newer and more efficient multi-function color counterparts.

Electronic filing function

Of importance is the new feature that multi-function copiers have. This will definitely be a plus for your business. Electronic filing functions are available in newer models and this feature will help streamline your business operation, eliminates incidence of misfiles, help you save space, and ultimately save you money.

For a business who is gearing towards ”going completely electronic” the electronic filing feature will eliminate any need for manual filing. The software used by new multi-function copiers allows you to organize, file, as well as instantly retrieve your documents that are received in both electronic and hardcopy formats.

Using the technology made available by world-renowned manufacturers, it can now electronically file. Electronic filing will make your workplace more efficient at the same time streamline your functions to save you time and give you more money to spend on more important things.

Whether you need basic store-and-retrieve filing system or a large-scale server-based application for your multiple users, we will have the solution for you. You can call us today at (405) 213 1035 to schedule a Copier lease Oklahoma City appointment.