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Is It Worth It To Invest In Copier Leasing?

Copiers are integral components in any office’s document management system. Unlike the older copier models from way back, these modern versions can perform many document management tasks. As copiers become an essential piece of workplace equipment, the costs for it have gone up. Companies rely on copier leasing services as a better alternative rather than purchasing the equipment.

Investing in copier leases has become the trend today. In this article, we will discuss why it is worth investing in copier leasing. Make sure to keep these pointers in mind.

  • Choosing a copier lease rather than buying gives your company the luxury of upgrading to a newly-released and advanced copier model. Buying a copier can stretch operational budgets beyond the limits. Not to mention the supply costs and maintenance fees that come along with owning a copier. But, leasing a copier gives you the chance to use higher-end and improved equipment.
  • When you buy the copier machine, the best return on investment is to pay it off and keep using it. However, leasing the copier machine allows you to upgrade without losing money because you don’t have a large sum of your capital tied to the equipment purchased.
  • Companies cannot simply throw out an old copier due to the list of regulations on IT equipment’s proper disposal. You won’t have to worry about spending on repairs and maintenance fees by entering into a copier lease agreement. If the copier gets broken, all you have to do is inform the rental company, and a technician would come to take care of everything else. You also save your company from the burden of disposing of the copier. The responsibility of disposal belongs to the rental company.
  • Small businesses have limited capital for disposal. It is better to save finances than invest in office technology that loses its value over time. Buying a copier may result in spending tied-up capital, which can be a significant budget concern moving forward. Through copier leasing, smaller companies would be able to use the latest technology to maximize efficiency with the lowest operation cost.
Is It Worth It To Invest In Copier Leasing?
  • Leasing a copier can reduce budget concerns. Copier leasing in Oklahoma does not need down payments, leaving you free from up-front costs. Instead of a large fee, you can establish a set schedule for smaller monthly rent. You can also choose the lease agreement’s length and terms to find a more flexible payment scheme. Interest rate changes will not affect the established payment amounts. The lease allows your company to divide your capital towards other aspects of the business in dire need of funding. The lease also permits you to incur more benefits than being tied up on a piece of equipment.
  • It may also be beneficial during the tax period as monthly lease payments are deductible for a business expense on the company’s tax return. As an owner or manager, you understand how vital every tax break that you can get is. Those savings may help offset the lease cost, easing the expense of the company. In leasing a machine, you can consider each payment as a pre-tax business expense.
  • Copier machines tend to be obsolete within a few years due to use and advances to newer, better technology. If your company buys a copier, you may upgrade in technology by purchasing a new machine that might hamper your company’s finances. In contrast, the lease agreement provides a sustainable cycle to make sure that you can upgrade the device with the latest technology and an economical cost of operation. You no longer have to spend money on equipment that has a short lifespan. 

These agreements enable your business to pay less but adapt when the newer office technology arrives, just like the copier lease services in Oklahoma provide.

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