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Significance Of Copier Lease, Purchase, And Maintenance

As a manager or business owner, part of your responsibilities includes being financially savvy while making sure that your staff has the best equipment needed to perform their jobs efficiently, like a good office copier. 

You have probably put a great deal of thought into the phone system, management software, and computers, but what about your office copier? With so much online technology these days, the thought of an office copier may seem a bit outdated. Before you subscribe to this train of thought, here is the significance of copier lease, purchase, and maintenance. 

Buying an office copier 

When you are purchasing a copier, you own the copier outright. This means that you have complete control over how to use your copier as well as the maintenance and service. From a financial standpoint, when you purchase a copier, it is cheaper in the long run. If you keep it long enough, you will recoup your investment. You do not have to worry about any stipulations connected to how much and in which ways you can use your copier. 

Choosing to lease a copier means that signing a contract for a set amount of time in which the company loans you a copier of your choosing. Leasing an office copier is very different from purchasing one because you do not own the machine at any point in time. 

When you lease a copier, the upfront cost is less expensive because leasing companies offer payment installments, and they are usually on a monthly basis. Maintenance, service, and repairs are handled and they are paid for by the company that you are leasing the copier from. Leasing a copier also allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. 

What are the differences between leasing and purchasing a copier? 

The main difference between buying and leasing a copier is the financial investment. When you buy a copier, you incur a greater upfront cost if you buy the machine outright. 

However, once the copy machine is fully paid off, you already own the machine and you are free to do what you wish. If you lease a copier, you make plans for the payments and you use the machine for the duration stated in the contract. It is so much easier to keep up with technology and update your machine from time to time when you lease an office copier. If you buy an office copier, you must keep it for an extended period of time to financially make sense. 

Leasing a copier means that you do not have the burden or worry of servicing the machine or making expensive repairs should it break down. When you own the copier, you are responsible for all of the maintenance and repair costs. 

Why is printer and copier maintenance important?

No matter the amount of workflow that you have in your office, then chances are you will rely pretty heavily on your MFP, printer, or copier. If it is an old machine or a brand-new MFP, it is important that you make sure that your copier functions to the best of its ability, to make your office more productive and not waste money, time, and energy on unnecessary problems. 

Regular maintenance limits the risk of copier breakdown. Printers and copiers break down because they are overworked and not taken care of. Maintenance will help limit the risk of costly, exhausting problems that can hinder your workflow. When you are using your copier for frequent, high-volume jobs, things wear down and maintenance helps catch little problems before they get big. 

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