What Can You Do To Make Sure That Your Copier Is Maintained?

Some office equipment stores do not only provide the necessary repairs and needed services, they can also assist you in maintaining your machine. You can consult them every now and then for you to know the necessary things that you need to do to maximize the lifespan of the machine.

There are ways to have your machine maintained. Almost all clients receive service contracts. Having this contract is common to the ones on lease agreements. These service contracts include the maintenance of the machine, the necessary repairs and may include supplies, depending on the plan that you purchased.

However, some customers do not believe in the idea of having a service contract for their equipment. Little do they know that these contracts can ensure that your copy machine will be well-maintained and more cost-effective even if you have to pay for a large amount at the beginning. If the customer would opt to go for paying the materials and services that they need as it arise, the store can still accommodate that.

Paying the needs of the machine as it would come includes, having to pay for the hourly rate of the technician including the cost of the service, plus the parts that is needed to make the machine work. This is one of the most common options that customers go for but at the end of the day, this usually ends up costing a lot more than what the service contracts cost.

A copy machine, as well as, the other kinds of office equipment would require maintenance. Customers may think that this is something simple, but if they look at the bigger picture, this can help them reach the projected lifespan of the machine or even more.

Having said that, customers can take advantage of the maintenance solutions that will ensure that the machine performs at its best.

With that said, Copier lease Oklahoma City offers several copy machine maintenance solutions that will keep your machine running at top performance at the lowest possible cost.

Read through the best solutions below:

  • Contract for Silver Service. This is only for the labor cost, not including the needed parts and the cost of the supplies.
  • Contract for Gold Service. This will cover the labor cost including the toner that you need.
  • Contract for Platinum Service. This will cover the cost of the labor, including the toner needed for your machine as well as the parts to help maintain the machine’s performance.

The platinum contract for service will only be offered to the equipment that was bought from that specific vendor. This can be a new machine that they have kept in good condition over time. The reason for this is that, if the machine bought somewhere and that vendor will allow you to go for a platinum contract, it might cost them more to maintain the machine. This is because the vendor who doesn’t know how well the machine is won’t have the idea as to which parts to replace and they can even end up investing a lot more to have those parts and supplies serviced for that machine.