What are Copier Leasing can Benefits You?

Copier manufacturers can offer their equipment for an affordable price. However, any small business may not fully maximize and enjoy the ownership of this copy machine. There are also supply expenses and maintenance fees to consider. Besides, the investment that one gets when buying a new copier can extend the operational budget beyond profitable limits. Resorting to a copier lease in Oklahoma can create a good investment with attractive benefits. 

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Service and Maintenance Agreements

A certain business wanting a copier machine may wish to negotiate a service agreement. Negotiations must be done beforehand to ensure that the copier lease agreement will not result in having more expenses, but make the business earn commissions. The service and maintenance agreement must include details, such as: 

  • the response time when a copier breaks down; 
  • a schedule to perform preventive maintenance checks; 
  • whether a replacement photocopier is needed or not during repairs; 
  • the cost of labor and parts; 
  • whether a fixed monthly rate is charged per usage; 
  • the supply expenses to include the ink and toner; and, 
  • whether you will be notified should the price of the lease increase.

Fees and Pricing

The price for the copier lease will depend on its features. In some instances, the charges for the lease will rely on the clicks using the internal counter. The counter works similarly like an odometer inside a vehicle. Like the copier lease in Oklahoma, they require a minimum amount of monthly clicks. Whether you use the service or not, you pay for the rates. You also pay when the clicker goes beyond the selected amount of clicks. You must also have a rough estimate of how much you will use the copier machine. For features that include color and black & white printing, it will have a rate, which is stipulated in the copier lease agreement.

Free Upgrades

A click on the copier machine can be more than just a click. Just like using a tabloid-size paper measuring 11 x 17, the counter can charge double clicks. Before you realize it, you’re paying for extra fees due to the paper size. To stay on budget, ensure it’s an upgrade, so as not to pay more. Consider the options and requirements for the leasing agreement if it’s good until the end. 

Depreciation of the machine can cause worries, but a copier lease in Oklahoma will allow a small business to upgrade to a better machine when needed. The previous machine can become obsolete and will need a change to keep performing as expected. Besides, the business can obtain the newest technologies a copier lease can offer. Even if you had to weigh the pros and cons when purchasing a copier machine, the leasing can bring advantages once the unit depreciates. 


Copier leasing can provide tax advantages than buying a copier. When you purchase a copier, only the machine’s depreciation is deducted, which is 40% of the purchase price in the first year and 25% for the succeeding years. However, if you lease the copier, the lease payment is considered a pre tax expense, which makes you subtract the entire payment every time it’s made. 

More Advanced Copier Lease

You can negotiate with a copier lease company to obtain an advanced copier machine that includes scanning, stapling, and other features. However, remember to include additional maintenance. Before you choose and accept a copier lease, ensure you have discussed the terms with a manufacturer and a representative. You also need to be provided with experienced technicians to repair and maintain the photocopier. Read the contract to understand and be aware of the terms.