What Issues Can You Have With Generic Toners?

Oftentimes, owners of copiers or printers consider switching to generic toners because it is more accessible and cost effective. However, before commencing the change, take into consideration the following issues and pointers when using generic toners:

Copier Model

When opting to use generic toners for your copiers, general rule of thumb is to use it on older models. The more dated the copier, the more time and opportunity for generic toner manufacturers to perfect their product to match this model.

OEM toners are better to use on newer copier models, but if you have a newer model copier and would like to switch to a generic toner, then it will be a good idea to purchase this from the same company that provides your service for your copier. Aside from having experience in performing the conversion and knowing which generic toner to use for your model, you can hold your service company accountable if the conversion to a generic toner messes up your copier’s performance.

Buying a Generic Toner

People who do not have a maintenance agreement and own used copiers often resort to buying their toners themselves and look for the cheapest generic model for their copier model.

If you wish to buy the generic toner yourself, it will not be a good idea to buy one on the internet. You cannot be sure what brand you are buying when you are getting it off the internet. Generic toners designed for a particular model are not created equal. Some produce high quality generic toners, but sadly this is not the same for most generic toners available in the market.

Always make certain that there’s some form of return rules on the generic toner that you are purchasing because toner that has been sitting in a warehouse for so long will have a tendency to cake up and this is virtually useless and can even damage your machine.

When Replacing an OEM Toner

Remember that it is ok to mix a generic toner if you have an OEM toner inside. But if you are unsure about what type you currently have there, then your safest bet is to put in another OEM instead. After doing so, you can put in a generic toner.

Stick to One Brand

If you are already using a particular brand of generic toner then try to stick to that brand and void mixing up generic brands. Doing so may result to poor print quality. Once you find a generic toner that gives you good quality prints then continue using that.

Go Through Your Service Department

Buying locally will help you avoid such issues because most likely the service department will prefer to use only one or two brands.

Also, there are certain copier models that should never be switched with generic toners and only your service technicians will know these. So if you have any questions about switching to generic toners, feel free to give us a ring at (405) 213 1035, Copier leasing Oklahoma City and we will be more than happy to help.