How Can You Fix Common Office Printer Issues?

Office printer is an essential tool in every business because it provides hard copies of necessary business documents, manuals, forms and many more. However, printer troubles are inevitable and instances like work delay and personnel inefficiency could happen. Also, it means wasted time and can cause unnecessary stress.

The easiest remedy is to learn how to spot the problem and repair the most common problems. This way, your productivity will be improved, including printer function. To help you go through the most common problems and how to solve them, read the information below:

Trouble in connection

One of the initial steps you must take when your printer is not performing as it should is to check its connection. If the printer you are using is hard-wired in your office network, check the USB and Ethernet cables to make sure they are intact and secured. Connection problems also affect wireless printers. When this happens, make sure your printer is connected to the network of your office and it is online. If you cannot connect because you cannot find your office network, check if your Wi-Fi is online.

Low Ink

Sometimes, the printer will warn you that it is out of ink, but will continue to print normally. Printers are created to alert its users if the ink is running out for convenience, but you can still continue to print since it is just below the desired level of ink needed. However, at this time you must contact the services of the printer company that will provide new ink cartridges. Change it as soon as possible to avoid work delays or worse, your printer’s ink will dry out and may cause more trouble.

Slow printing

In most cases, the speed of printing depends upon the model of your printer. Some printers print faster than others while older printers are normally slower than the new ones. However, if you think that it is slower than the usual, there are steps to take to speed up. If you have a wireless printer, try connecting it directly to your printer through an Ethernet cable or USB to speed up the transfer of data. Also, when printing text, lower the resolution of the printer for faster output but not compromise the quality.

These are the most common printer problems that you will encounter, but being able to address if they will happen to you or being knowledgeable on how to troubleshoot if problems arise will definitely help you. Most of the time, problems arise when you are rushing to print important documents and knowing a thing or two about troubleshooting will go a long way. It pays to be aware of these common problems and how to address each problem.

However, if you do not want to get caught in any of these printer problems, you have an option of hiring the services of a leasing company’s maintenance and repair service contracts. They will provide you with the latest printer and will take charge of the maintenance. At Copier lease Oklahoma City, you will be assured of the best quality printers and highly skilled technicians to take care of the office tools.