How To Preserve Your Copier?

Costly copier repairs can be avoided. A copier that is used frequently does need maintenance. If not maintained, it increases the chances of the copier malfunctioning more often. Like a vehicle, for it to run smoothly, regular maintenance should be done. Some copier repairs might be an unnecessary expense as it might be due to lack of maintenance.

According to research, the expense for office documents alone can be more than 7,500 dollars per employee. To add to that expense with emergency repairs may make the business suffer. Rather than calling for service often, learning how to maintain a copier can greatly reduce the expense for repairs.

Copier Maintenance Tips

Clean the scanner glass.

Dust and other small particles do enter a copier. When it accumulates on the scanner glass of a copier, document quality diminishes, resulting in the scanned or copied material coming out unclear. To clean the scanner glass, use an anti-static liquid cleaner specially made for photocopiers.

Clean the copier drum.

This internal component might have built up due to excess toner. The buildup does affect adversely the output. To clean it, use a Mylar bar that is like a blade made of rubberized material. Toner cartridges of some newer copier models are disposable, eliminating the need to clean the copier drum. These must be replaced when necessary.

Avoid misuse.

Train the employees on how to operate the copier properly. Manufacturer’s instructions should be followed religiously. Limit access to the copier, if necessary, to prevent such issues. Training for basic troubleshooting to solve minor problems like paper jams is also recommended.

Doing preventive maintenance reduces the risk of copier breakdowns. Correct usage also prevents the copier from being overloaded. For the right copier to fill the demand, the desired quality and required volume must be met. Small issues must be dealt with promptly and copier maintenance must be scheduled. Following these few tips can greatly increase the longevity of the unit.

If the copier malfunctions or breaks down too often, it might be time to replace it so choose a copier wisely. The brand, features, and print speed are a few of the factors that can help you decide what unit to have. Digital copiers have less moving parts than electronic ones, requiring less maintenance.

If you want to have the copier maintained by a professional, you may call for service; however, you can get a better deal when you have a copier service agreement. Such agreements include scheduled maintenance, repair service, and supplies.

One of the advantages of having a copier service agreement is that the rates are lower than most emergency repair technicians. And, with this coverage, your copier will run well because it is properly maintained.

Maintaining a copier is necessary as any breakdown can decrease productivity. It would be such a waste if this office machine doesn’t work well because of lack of maintenance. Minor and major repairs do add up. This expense can be brought down to a minimum level.

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