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7 Sure Signs That You Need New Copier

If you think your old copier is not helping with your productivity, then it is time to get a new one. Technology changes really quickly, and copiers are no exception. Newer copiers are not only more reliable than their predecessors but provide a more robust workflow, security features, and energy efficiency. For a lot of businesses, an updated copier is the tool that helps their employees accomplish more tasks. Here are signs that you need a new copier:

Workload has increased.

Your copier may have been great for your business when you bought it, but things can change. If you see that there are more people using your copier and the average monthly number of copies and prints have changed, then it is time to get a new copier. You need to re-evaluate your device to make sure it still meets your needs. 

Team demands efficiency.

Technology changes fast, and copiers are no exception to this. Newer models are faster and more reliable than their predecessors. New models of copiers also have better security features, offer a more robust workflow, and are more energy-efficient. For a lot of businesses, an updated copier is the key that helps them accomplish all of their tasks. 

Everybody needs convenience.

Once in a while, your team will be in a situation that needs urgency. The team may need to produce large volumes of documents on short notice for administrative needs or marketing purposes. It will be challenging to get such documents made in time, and in the right state as the copy center attendant is just in it for cash. Having an updated copier will help you get all of the documents that you need in the right state and in time. 

Speed is a big productivity factor. 

Check the reason why you need copies. It could be because you need to send duplicates to your clients, or you need to distribute marketing materials. Waiting for the copy clerk to get to you at the local copy store can hurt your credibility, and it can cause delays in the delivery of the copies, which will have a negative impact on you and your business. 

You have to safeguard business secrets.

You won’t want your competitors to lay their hands on your marketing strategy. Printing in-house ensures that it is only your employees who can access the marketing documents. You are also in a better position to secure the documents than if they were to be handled by outside of your premises or your operating area. 

Savings on costs is important. 

One of the advantages of in-house printing is that you can easily purchase supplies in bulk. This can help reduce the cost of printing per page, and it can help save a dime for every document printed. In the long run, the small savings add up to huge amounts that will boost your business’ bottom line. 

How to choose the right copier?

Business needs

Each business is unique, and printing needs vary with time. It is advisable then to think over the needs of your business and how the copier of your choice will help meet such needs. It always helps to talk to your employees and also to consult established suppliers to understand more on how a good copier can help. 

Maintenance costs

With continued use, your office copiers will start having issues, and it may require replacement of parts besides the normal repair routines. Always factor in the availability of spare parts, professionals who can undertake the costs and repairs of maintenance before buying a copier. This will save your business resources in the long term, and it can also help minimize business interruptions. 

If you are not ready to buy a copier yet, do not worry, you can always lease a new one. There are leasing companies that offer discounts and affordable payment terms. If you are in Oklahoma City and you’re looking for a Copier for your business, you may contact Clear Choice Technical Services in Oklahoma City. You can ask about Copier Leasing Services in Oklahoma City, Copier rental services in Oklahoma City.