Effective Ways To Decrease Print Consumable Costs

When you buy a printer, you consider not only the initial amount but also the total cost of ownership that will include printing costs per page

Going further, you realize that the printing cost is getting out of hand. Excessive ink, paper, and energy consumption are more than just financial waste. This will also impose a risk for endangering the environment.

Not to worry, here are ways on how to decrease your consumable print costs:

Thrift printing strategies

There are different ways to use thrift consumable products needed by your printer to operate. 

People find colorful printouts appealing rather than plain black and white. However, these colorful printouts increase the printing cost twice using a grayscale printing scheme. In the case of business printers, you may restrict colorful printing to cut your costs.

Another element that you can manipulate is the font. An eco-friendly font has been invented to lessen at least 25% of ink usage through its small holes. If this is not available, you may also resort to using economic fonts that include the likes of Century Gothic. They save up toners rather than the Arial font.

N-up printing is an option that lets you print multiple pages on a sheet. However, the readability of the text may be affected. Thus, this may only be used for non-formal printouts.

Practical printing strategies

There are different practical ways to decrease the consumption of printer usage.

Duplexing is an operation that lets you print on both sides of the paper. Even without further analysis, you can cut off 50% of your paper consumption by duplex printing. 

Effective Ways To Decrease Print Consumable Costs

One thing some people overlook is to proofread your content before actually printing it. You may check up on the print preview to see how it will look in hard copy. This will lessen the chance of wasting ink, energy, and paper just because of tiny errors you failed to spot.

Another practical thing that you can do is only print the things you need. If you are a student in a rush for an assignment and using the codes CTRL + A, CTRL + C, and CTRL + V, you may print out contents that are not applicable or unnecessary to your goal.

Going paperless

On some occasions that papers are no longer needed, you may resort to printing as PDF that you can find under the selection of printers in the printing options. This even provides longevity of the document and is applicable in these times of pandemic where transactions should be as less contact as possible. Saving your file in PDF format keeps it intact, whereas you may share it through various platforms. 

This can also be applicable as practice whenever you want to keep copies of the document. Instead of copying the printouts, you may scan them for future purposes.

Managed print services solution

Using print manager software can help you decrease your printing costs by providing you with different access features and organization of how printing operations should go. In short, this will condition the environment of your printer. 

From its energy, colorful inks, and paper, you will be able to monitor and manage them to your best advantage. Using an MPS will boost your network printing security and allow you to cut expenses.

Final thoughts

The printer gives efficiency and convenience to paper works, especially for business use. However, it is in the long run that you will realize the worth of what you’ve invested in a printer. Still, there are ways to mitigate the heavy burden of its consumption.


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