What Is The Best Copier For Your Business?

Buying or leasing a copier for your business is a big decision to make and entails a lot of research. You may think that it is just a piece of office equipment, but putting time and effort in assessing your business needs and what a copier can do to help your workplace work more efficiently will make this choice work for you.

Black & White VS. Color Copier

In the past, black & white copiers made more sense to purchase or lease because color copiers would cost cheaper in several times than that of the other. But now, a color printer with fax and scanning feature just cost a tad bit more than a black & white copier.

Leasing a black & white copier with scan and print capabilities today will cost less than $50 per month. On the other hand, a color copier that can print and copy amounts to just an additional $22 per month when leased on a 5-year term.

With either an outright purchase or leasing, a color copier will save you more money in the long-term perspective. If you are currently using a laser or inkjet printer for your color jobs, getting a copier that prints and scans in both color and black & white will prove to be more economical.

Prints from a color copier have higher quality. Making color prints with the use of an inkjet or laser printer may cost more per print, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the output quality is better. Color copiers with printing capabilities actually produce higher quality prints. They also have more memory so they can spool your jobs quicker to save you more time and money.

Brand New VS. Pre-owned Copier

Because of the current state of the economy, more and more business owners prefer to lease pre-owned copiers with low copy counts. These copiers are barely used units that were taken back by leasing companies due to the inability of clients to pay. Business owners often find that this saves them more money compared to leasing a brand new unit.

Before leasing pre-owned units, leasing companies make sure that they meet specific requirements and will have guaranteed reliability before being released to the new owners. First, the copy count of the copier should be low and they only recondition models with a reputation of having dependable performance. Second, any consumable items such as the drums, fusers, and image units, and parts that take on heavy usage are replaced so that the new owners can be offered the same warranties offered to those who lease brand new equipment.

In terms of money savings, leasing a pre-owned or used copier will save you about 40% of the cost of a brand-new copier. This is a great way for small businesses to acquire quality equipment without having to make a huge dent in their capital.

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